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Your Donation can make a big Difference

You can also make a direct contribution to the success of the project

The start-up funding required to build the training centre/academy amounts to approx. €800,000.

We have raised over €515,000 so far. Therefore, the remaining funding required until the training centre can open amounts to approx. €300,000. Your donation will support the association directly, for which we are sincerely grateful!

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Germany-Ghana Medical Education Program e. V.
Deutsche Bank AG, Hannover
IBAN DE23 2507 0024 0044 1204 00

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Finanzamt Hannover Nord

Our association is exempt from corporate tax pursuant to section 5 (1) no. 9 of the Corporation Taxes Act and from trade tax pursuant to section 3 no. 6 of the Trade Tax Act on account of the sponsorship of professional training, in particular of medical staff such as nurses and caregivers in Ghana for Ghanaian and German hospitals according to the exemption notice or the annex to the corporate tax notice of the Hannover-Nord Tax Office (tax number 25/206/59550) dated 9 December 2019.
Compliance with the statutory requirements pursuant to sections 51, 59, 60 and 61 of the German Fiscal Code (AO) has been determined separately by the Hannover-Nord Tax Office (tax number 25/206/59550) in a notice dated 9 December 2019 pursuant to section 60a of the German Fiscal Code (AO).

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We would like to thank our donors for their generous support!

Major Donors
  • Dirk Rossmann GmbH Burgwedel
  • Dr. med. Anne M. Wilkening GmbH Hanover
  • Prof. Dr. Axel Haverich
  • Hannover Rück SE Abteilung CC Hanover
  • Förderverein Aller-Leine-Tal e. V.
  • TÜV NORD AG Hanover
  • Rotary Club Lüchow-Dannenberg
  • Rotary Club Uelzen
  • The Germany - Ghana Medical Education Program Founding members
  • Rotary Club Hanover
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