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The Program

From a problem for both countries to a benefit for all involved

A shortage of skilled nursing staff is a familiar problem in Ghana just as it is in Germany.

The solution: knowledge transfer for better training. The new academy at the Medical Center in Toase supports the sustainable development of medical care in Ghana.

Students can apply to do a practical part of the curriculum at the MHH in Hannover.

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Das Medical Center in Toase

An efficient clinic for the population of the Ashanti region

The Frimpong-Boateng Medical Center is a successful example of development cooperation.

Thanks to the commitment and support of many sponsors, it has grown steadily since its opening in 2001 to become a stable pillar of local health care.

The hospital now has more than 120 beds, a laboratory and blood bank, operating rooms, a women's ward and even 3 intensive care beds. In most areas, the equipment and know-how meet European standards.

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The Academy

Up to 200 excellently trained nurses per year - a quantum leap for the care of the country

The nursing school in Toase will train up to 200 students per year from 2022. This will be made possible by a new building next to the Frimpong-Boateng Medical Center, which was constructed with $800,000 in donations.

In addition to learning the subject matter, the students will also learn to fulfill their new role as multipliers. They regularly pass on their knowledge in the surrounding villages. They provide health education and advice on topics such as nutrition, diabetes and malaria.

The curriculum was developed in consultation with the nursing school of the Hanover Medical School and also includes the German language. This enables the trainees to specialize in a specific field in Hanover following their basic qualification in Ghana. Trainees can apply for this at the MHH and then learn in practice.

The Medical Education Program is a success for all

It offers students an international education at the cutting edge of knowledge. The Ashanti region in Ghana benefits from a sustainable upgrade of medical care.

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